Jim Matthew

Artist Statement

I believe that we all view the world in a manner that is much more complex and diverse than what it appears to be once seen through our eyes, and “figured out” by our mind. We necessarily edit out  extra materials just to keep our view of the world simple enough to live with. The act of living and experiencing the world around us has many different facets, so many that we pick and choose what is important to our own world, and disregard the rest. When I experience my daily world; the sights, sounds, movements, tastes and feelings are my reality. They  make a liquid dance that ebbs and flows . Keeping that old dance going on forever is my favorite thing to do when I paint a painting. That is my focus and my goal.


Certainly we use our eyes to see our world, and in doing so we also use our minds to also capture and superimpose on our sight, memories of similar things. Our world is shaped by composites of the past and the present.. My artwork tries to recapture some of these random inputs, and try to construct a living dance that includes them. I try to introduce chance as an ingredient wherever possible. This chance directs the subject matter of my artwork. I compose the paintings along an abstract pathway. I use both people and object both as a means of creating a story where they seem to tell their own tales, with a subliminal direction from me.


 My paintings try to discover the visual relationships of shape, color, values that we see with our minds as well as with our eyes.  These relationships are then brought out through intuition and a subconscious filter of these elements. And finally by painting and using a process that creates openness and chance to occur. I think that the interplay of randomness and order, chance and direction, can open new doors in viewing a world that we haven’t seen much of.