On the Rivers Edge

About Jim Matthew

I discovered my love of painting early in life, thanks to my grandmother, who lived with us in a basement apartment. As I grew older, my passion only grew, and I went on to obtain my associate's degree from Highline College, where I met instructor Bill Mair, who would ultimately change my life. In his class, I developed my understanding of color and design, along with an urge to further my career.

Professional Background

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington State University, my wife Cindy and I moved to the Quinault Indian Nation in Taholah, where we lived for a decade. During this time, I spent my days commuting to Olympia to take classes in printmaking.

Upon moving to Seattle in 1989, I started working as a studio assistant to friend and fellow artist Alden Mason. Through him, I met an array of local artists and began showing my work at the Woodside/Braseth Gallery. In the years since, I've expanded my skillset, completing a series of graphic design classes in 2013, before moving to Sacramento and beginning a series of paintings focused on local flora and the beauty of the local river delta.

Today, I remained fascinated with this area and strive to capture its magnificence in my work. Though I sell and show my paintings to art lovers around the world, I have a special focus on showcasing my work throughout Asia.

Jim Matthew